Friday, November 13, 2015

7 great snacks that will prevent cancer

Cancer is known as fatal disease. This fatal disease is preventable 1with food vitamins. What surprised you? Some of the foods that are preventing the deadly disease of cancer. To keep these foods in the daily diet and regular exercise can keep cancer away. This will help prevent cancer. So let’s see the names of some dishes of vitamins.
 1. Carrots
There are plenty of beta keratin which prevents lung cancer, bronchial cancer, stomach cancer bowel cancer and even also the breast cancer. A carrot daily or drink a glass of carrot juice.
2. Garlic
Studies have shown that people who eat a lot of garlic is much less risk of their cancer. It prevents cancer germ. Even some of the bacteria break down the cancer. Eat daily single pieces of garlic and it will develop to prevent cancer.
3. Tomatoes
Tomato juice destroy damaging DNA of cells. In addition, there is an element namely Linkoping that prevent cancer. So keep the tomato 3 pieces in weekly diet.
4. Nuts
In nut there is anti-cancer element namely selenium. Colon, lung, liver, and other cancer are risk free for nuts. Place peanuts for breakfast in the morning or afternoon. Besides, the almond butter in nuts can keep away your body from cancer.
5. Yellow
The American Cancer Society study of turmeric said that Cur cumin, the element that has cancer prevention. It is also an antioxidant which enters into tissues of the body that makes cancer risk free. Daily raw turmeric milk or like meat and fish we can use the yellow in Curry for vitamins.
6. Green tea
The components of the antioxidant catechin in green tea which prevents several cancer. In one study found that green tea may prevent tumors. Green tea extracts are more effective than normal.
7. Broccoli
Like cauliflower, cabbage Broccoli which is a scaled vegetable removes toxins from the body. Besides, the galactic material guts bacteria away. The salforofen components of broccoli, indolos lung, bladder, lymphoma and reduce the risk of breast cancer.


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